The Ys IX demo is out now. If you love RPGs, you’ll be as excited as I am!

Falcom’s and NIS recently released the Ys IX demo for PS4. As a fan of Ys VIII and Ys Origins, I had to check this out. The real-time hack-and-slash JRPG experience isn’t unique to Ys but I’ve scarcely seen it done better.

You get two levels to try and can switch between 3 characters at a time. Each one fights differently and gives you different special moves. In the demo, you can run up walls, glide, and even explore hidden passageways. Plus you’ll get to face a massive boss at the end of each level. I’m honestly surprised how much they let you do despite each demo piece being only 10 minutes long.

I’m no good at explaining the story so I do recommend checking out the official website.

From the website.

Anyway, if you’re a fan of games like Trials of Mana and Kingdom Hearts, Ys is right up your alley. You do not have to play previous games in the series to understand the story. Any necessary tidbits are summed up for you in these games so you can enjoy it as a standalone entry. I should also add the music is pretty godlike too.

Ys never quite got the recognition over the past decade as other JRPGs did. Fire Emblem, Persona, NieR, Xenoblade, and Dragon Quest seemed to just blow up in the west over the past few years. It’s the first time anything not named Final Fantasy, Pokemon, and maybe Tales and Star Ocean really got any sort of mainstream recognition. Unfortunately, Ys is still a niche title within a niche genre. I would love to see more people play it.

If you want to try the demo, it’s on the PlayStation Store now. If you’re really wanting to try more of the series before its release, definitely try Ys VIII or Ys Origin. They’re two of the best possible starting points and great games in their own right. If you love fantastic music, Falcom does it like no other.

Check it out and let me know what you think. I invite you to follow my blog for more gaming news and blurbs. Take care!



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