I cleared the story in the Yakuza spinoff, Judgment. But should I finish the game?

I finally beat Judgment after owning the game for 2 or so years! When I finally picked up the game, I put in about 50+ hours before I cleared the story mode. Just like with Sega’s past Yakuza titles, it offers a ton of Subquests (known as Side Cases) to expand the game’s content and storyline.

However, I’m caught at an impasse. On one hand, I want to finish the game or at least all the Side Cases. I can say I’m done once I’ve fought Jo Amon, the series’ regular superboss who appears after you clear all the Subquests in each game. Unfortunately, I’m up against some rather daunting tasks. Even compared to past Yakuza games, I’m not sure I’m up for the challenge.

50 Side Cases which include befriending 50 people.

I managed to finish Yakuza 0, Yakuza Kiwami, and Yakuza Kiwami 2, clearing all Subquests and the subsequent Amon fights. While the last title in the series I beat was the spin-off adaptation, Fist of the North Star: Lost Paradise, it was the first time I lost interest in clearing the postgame content. I felt finishing the story was enough. It also was, despite being a good game, not enough to hold my interest past the story due to some pacing issues.

I really enjoyed Judgment and found it to be a great game overall. I’m planning to review it soon. However, I’m still wondering if I want to put another 10+ hours in just to gamble, grind SP, farm money, and play with drones. Was it not enough for me to just look up guides and build Slot Cars just to clear some of the more tedious quests in the earlier Yakuza titles?

To be specific, this also means playing gambling mini-games and winning tokens in order to trade them for quest items.

I really do not care enough about the mini-games to complete them just for Side Cases.

Perhaps the most pressing part of the matter comes from my backlog. I’m still less than halfway through Final Fantasy XV and Final Fantasy VII Remake. I put both of these on hold just so I could clear Judgment and Super Mario 3D All-Stars. Not only do I have the pressing matter of those games to deal with, but I also bought Ghost of Tsushima and Nioh 2, both of which went on sale. I have yet to touch either game.

And then you have to consider Yakuza Remastered Collection. Featuring Yakuza 3–5, I plan on beating those before I eventually get Yakuza 6 and finally try Yakuza: Like a Dragon. Yes, that is hundreds of hours worth playing! I might not even get to try Like a Dragon until next year.

However, through perseverance, I might decide to clear Judgment. I’ve never gotten Platinum in any Yakuza title nor do I really intend to. As if finishing Subquests isn’t enough, sometimes you’re dealt with a more tedious task, like raising Haruka’s affection all the way to max. Bump that.

I might consider dividing my time amongst my games again. Sometimes I get tunnel vision and pour all my time into one game just to finish. Remember, it’s a journey, not a race. There’s no rush to clear a great game. Sometimes I get hooked on the story and just want to focus on that one game. Judgment was admittedly hard to put down.

Anyway, I think I might chip away at it bit-by-bit. I’ll keep using guides as resources and hopefully, it won’t take too long to finish what’s left of the side cases. I’ve never been the best at time management but I also have an enduring feeling to clear the game since Yakuza titles tend to have side cases worth playing.

I imagine you can relate to the conundrum of finishing a game vs. clearing the story and moving onto the next game. If you’ve got a huge backlog to follow, this might put you at an impasse too. Be sure to follow my blog for more gaming content coming your way!

Until next time.

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