How Megamix Compilations Are a Great Thing for Gaming.

4 min readAug 17, 2022

Rhythm Heaven, WarioWare, and Mario Party. What do they have in common? All three are mini-game compilations developed by Nintendo. However, unlike Mario Party, WarioWare and Rhythm Heaven — both made by the same internal development team — have received comparatively less notoriety.

While WarioWare and Rhythm Heaven both received releases on multiple Nintendo platforms across each generation — since their inception on the Game Boy Advance — their releases are comparatively scarce. As such, they garnere a niche audience in comparison to Nintendo’s larger series.

With that being said, the two megamix comipilations of each respective series — WarioWare Gold and Rhythm Heaven Megamix — both came out for the 3DS. These titles compiled mini-games from the series and remastered them into one big compilation. The titles also added new mini-games to freshen up the experience.

Mario Party Superstars

As for Mario Party Superstars, this title came out on Nintendo Switch in 2021. As opposed to a new entry, Superstars compiled maps from the original N64 trilogy. The mini-games all come from the 10 numbered Mario Party titles as well. All mini-games and boards have been remastered with smooth controls, gorgeous visuals, remixed music, and even feature online play.

Superstars came in an era where Mario Party had seemingly lost its way. While Mario Party 9 and 10 were less popular due to their changes to the board game format, Super Mario Party…


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