Smash Ultimate Tips writer. SUPERJUMP contributor. Metafy coach. I also write game reviews!


  • Jonathan P. Anderson

    Jonathan P. Anderson

    Hello, my name is Jonathan. I really enjoy discussions about the art of analysis. I hope to give another viewpoint on different subjects.

  • Karl Otty

    Karl Otty

    Hello, I'm one of the millions of nerds on the internet. I also go by Tefrian, you can find me on Twitter @teffers

  • Josiah Bhanghoyer

    Josiah Bhanghoyer

    A 17-Year-Old who just started writing! Heavy interest in gaming, anime, UX design and architecture.

  • Tori Viee

    Tori Viee

    A flight attendant with a passion for travel, personal style/fashion, health and fitness, and the flight attendant lifestyle.

  • JsonGB


  • RicochetRG


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