CEO 2022: My Competitive Experience at Daytona’s Annual International Fighting Game Event.

4 min readJul 2, 2022

This past weekend I attended CEO 2022 for their annual Super Smash Bros. Ultimate tournament. Prior to Momocon in May, my last big tournament was at CEO Dreamland 2020 before the pandemic. As such, this was also my first true CEO since 2019 and one I’ve eagerly anticipated.

It’s more than just a fighting game tournament. CEO is an international event featuring casual setups for free play, side tournaments, and an arcade that hosts fighting games and Japanese rhythm games. The Daytona venue also features multiple food vendors, an artist’s alley, and vendors to collect merchandise as well. Plus, if you enjoy cosplay, you will surely see cosplayers wearing their gear. As such, it’s practically the convention experience and one of the best events to go to for gaming each year.

Ramlethal cosplay from Guilty Gear.

CEO promotes a phenomenal experience at the beach. You also have plenty of restaurants to choose from like Pizza King, Hog Heaven, Joe’s Crab Shack, and Johnny Rockets. But overall, the main course for the event — for me at least — is the tournament experience. And I have to say I learned a great deal this past weekend.

I won this print in a money match against talented Incineroar main Magister.

Sadly, I haven’t been able to apply my focus and use what I’ve learned before and I did worse than I wanted to. I’ve been working a good deal lately and have had little time to practice like I used to. But that won’t stop me from improving and improving myself as a player. Likewise, I fully intend to be prepared for my competition as I travel to more tournaments including 4o4 monthlies near Atlanta.

What I Learned

Fatality was running single-round challenges with Red Bull and

As I played through my rounds against other players, I learned valuable tips from players at my level and higher.



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