Smash Ultimate Tips writer. SUPERJUMP contributor. Metafy coach. I also write game reviews!

The unsung hero of the Resident Evil franchise deserves its time in the sun

With Capcom’s string of successes developing and publishing the recent Resident Evil titles, there’s been talk going around of a remake of Resident Evil 4.

Beginning with 2017’s successful return-to-form, Resident Evil 7, Capcom has been on a warpath of reviving the series and reaching new standards for their prime…

I’ve been thinking about how Smash Bros. and fighting games have historically dealt with overpowered characters. This might help you too.

I have recently been thinking about top tiers in Smash. Both Ultimate and past Smash games bring me back to why Meta-Knight and Bayo/Cloud weren’t banned in Brawl and Smash 4, respectively. As someone who left the Brawl scene in 2010, all I know is that people tolerated and made…


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