Smash Ultimate Tips writer. SUPERJUMP contributor. Metafy coach. I also write game reviews!

The dangers of solo-maining on Smash Ultimate and why you should use secondary characters for counterpicking

Everyone has a favorite character. The character you want standing tall through every match. The truth is your favorite won’t always be the victor. There will be a fight where their movement is crippled, their landings decimated, and unable to make a winning dent.

However, in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

Recently, I found myself hitting a plateau, but with proper insight and direction, I managed to push past my limits

Over the last few months, I’ve coached students on Metafy. In addition to picking up on their habits and improving them, I’ve also made changes to my own gameplay as well. Picking up on approaching after a soft-launch, focusing, and other aspects of my playstyle have tightened up tremendously.



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