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Freelance writer. I enjoy video games, anime, and wrestling. Competitive in Smash Bros. I write about your favorite games.

NieR Replicant is an updated remaster of the original NIER released in 2011. Serving as the prequel to the popular 2017 Action/RPG, NieR:Automata, this title features the protagonist of the Japan-exclusive PS3 release. NieR Replicant, the PS3 2010 title, and this 2021 remaster, featured few differences from the original Xbox 360 release. However, the 2021 version of NieR Replicant offers more than a visual remaster of the title with a redone voice track and updated battle system. In fact, it adds many new story elements as well as an entirely new ending.

In competitive fighting games, an all-too-common trait of most players is to strike back as soon as they’re attacked. In the case of Smash Ultimate, this could be from a brief exchange in neutral or to lash out the moment you’re sent into disadvantage state. As such, an opponent expecting you to hit the attack button will likely read and counter it, inflicting even more punishment on you.

Last month, I came across a post on my Twitter feed. Coming from Vendetta, a ranked Georgia player, he posted his goals for everyone to see.

I can wholeheartedly relate to Vendetta’s tweet because I want more out of my career. I’ve seen the determination of players to win a bracket despite being outmatched by better players. Naturally, I’ve also seen that confidence turns into immense disappointment. Some players want to win majors while others go to have a good time.

Sometimes, higher-level players feel they’ve fallen short of their potential. Other times they feel another talented player is…

We all know that approaching is required to some degree in order to finish a fight. Whether you use a close-ranged combatant like Captain Falcon or a zoner like Min Min, sooner or later you’re going to have to press forward to keep the momentum going.

Final Fantasy VII Remake is a reimagining of the classic PlayStation JRPG. Unlike the original 1997 release, Remake offers a revamped version of the original battle system offering many new options. Final Fantasy VII Remake retells the storyline of the first arc of the original game. In doing so, it features new perspectives to accompany the additional plot and worldbuilding to the game.

Smash Ultimate’s online netcode is infamously lackluster. While it’s playable, the lag and input issues can cause negative emotions which in turn may contribute to players blaming others for losses. As if players don’t deal with enough negativity thanks to Smash online, backlash over losses may result in feuds on Discord chats or unwarranted attention on social media.

However, with the right mindset and respect for your opponent, you can avoid that altogether. In fact, you might even meet a new acquaintance or even a friend along the way. …

The other day, I was playing online and my play felt a little off. I was playing stressed for some reason. Playing like someone who might be aware of my matchup unfamiliarity and how the opponent could read and punish my moves. I knew I was playing like several skill levels below my recent self but I couldn’t figure out why. Then I told myself to play more confidently.

Square-Enix recently began releasing its Final Fantasy Pixel Remaster collection. Featuring Final Fantasy I — VI, this series features audiovisual upgrades of the original titles released across the NES and SNES back in the 80s and 90s. Faithful remasters of these original releases will be available for Steam this year.

In Smash and traditional fighting games, low tiers are defined by their poor results. This is often due to their poor frame data, options, and just bad balancing in general. Throughout competitive gaming history, a small portion of players argued that tiers don’t exist and that character success is based on the individual and everyone is balanced equally. Naturally, this continues to be refuted with frame data and tournament results.

Low-tier should not be conflated with underrepresented characters such as Meta-Knight.

In Smash history, the series was not given balance patches until Smash 4. Even in Smash 4, many of the low tiers remained untouched and thus seldom used in the…

Famicom Detective Club is a visual novel title that revives two classic forerunners of the genre originally released in the 80s. Developed for the Famicom (Japanese NES) and later remade on the Super Famicom (Japanese SNES), these titles offer an intricate plot as you solve murder mysteries. In particular, these remakes were developed by MAGES, a.k.a. 5pb, the studio behind the critically acclaimed series Steins;Gate. It’s also worth mentioning the series was originally written by Metroid producer, Yoshio Sakamoto, with music by Metroid series composer, Kenji Yamamoto!

The premise of Famicom Detective Club involves solving murder mysteries by investigating…


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